Sunday, November 8, 2015


It's not the end of year... yet.

However, it's November already.
A year since the last time I wrote for this blog, a very emotional blogpost about leaving Jogjakarta, a place I called home for the past four years. Sedih? Banget. Gue sebenernya orang Jogja, I wrote about this in that previous post. Selama SMA di Tarnus, tiap weekend sering ke Jogja kan.

Didn't got the chance (or I was too lazy) to write a post about how I graduate on August 2015. Or a vacation to Bali with my high school babes after that graduation. I was very happy at that time, bikin nyokap bokap bangga pas wisudaan.

Right after graduation, I was too busy looking for job (like other fresh graduates, of course), and I was once applying for Master Degree too, in UNSW majoring Commercial & Corporate Law. I applied for several law firms and passed the interviews.

However, I didn't take any of those opportunities. I, strangely, entered a management trainee class, they call it as Officer Development Program by a State Owned Bank, sebenernya nggak aneh sih soalnya kan thesis gue tentang bank syariah, of course dilihat dari sisi legal ya. Di program itu, I made new friends with 22 amazing classmates. Three months in-class training, one month on-the-job training at their branch, and finally it's been amazing seven month, serving corporate clients for their transaction banking needs. I won't talk details about my work, gue gak mau blog gue (which I first write in 2007 when I was 15) jadi blog yang bosenin hahaha.

Then how does it feels like to be a corporate slave? Walopun males ngomongin kerjaan, tapi kayaknya penting deh cerita tentang keseharian gue sekarang.

Tiring of course. I work from 7.30 AM to 4.30 PM (theoretically...), in fact I stay at the office usually until 8 PM. We order food, makan lembur at 7 PM. I thought working at a bank will give us more chance to be at home at 5 PM (that's why at first I didn't want to work at a law firm). But that's not what happen in my office or especially in my department.

Gue bangun jam 5 pagi (atau lewat sih, nge snooze alarm hp sebanyak mungkin, LOL), terus solat subuh, terus mandi, biasanya sih nggak dandan ngeringin rambut doang. Karena ngejar berangkat sebelom kena 3 in 1 di Sudirman.

Sampe kantor jam 7 lewatan, sarapan dulu, bawa sereal dari rumah dipakein susu di kantor terus makan sereal, sambil ngecek email. Terus dandan, nyatok. Biasanya jam 9 gitu udah siap berangkat meeting ke kantor nasabah. Or just replying and checking emails or working on proposal, reports, until lunch time.

Oh iya, gue abis operasi usus buntu, laparoscopic appendicitis. Sebelumnya gue sempet hospitalized juga karena gastritis akut. Kecapekan kali ya, jadi sempet makan siang gue dari healthy catering gitu, but still I gain weight banyak banget hiks gatau kenapa.

Kalo meetingnya after lunch, biasanya pulang meeting macet, sampe kantor lagi magrib, solat terus bikin report, terus makan lembur, baru pulang, pas udahs selesai 3 in 1. Kayak gitu terus tiap hari, dan urusan di kantor makin challenging aja makin ke sini. Terus weekend, makan enak, nonton, terus weekdays lagi.

Now I understand why Peter Pan didn't want to grow up.

I miss my college days so frikkin bad.

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