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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bali 2013

Last month I went to Bali with Monic and Nila, two of my besties in high school. Actually, this was a very old plan, we even planned this right after our graduation from SMA TN. But unfortunately UGM, ITB, Trisakti, and Unila, and ah ya I almost forgot, Adeline is now taking her double degree in Erasmus Rotterdam, have different academic calendar. So it's pretty annoying when 3 or 4 of us are on their mid exam week, while the other are on long weekend, and we can't really find the right time to go for vacation together. Even it was only 3 of us, but I had so much fun, and hopefully soon we'll have another vacation and the rest of KITA can make it :P

Why Bali? Bali is kinda addictive place. Sounds like a perfect place to have this sweet escape (yeah, I took morning flight on Friday, which I have no class on Friday, and first flight from Bali to Jogja on Monday, which I went straight to campus from the Airport to catch my 9 AM class!). Bali is also one of my family favorite destination, since me and my brother was a kid.

Here's some pics from Bali, February 2013,

Geger Beach, Nusa Dua
El Kabron
El Kabron
El Kabron
Geger Beach, Nusa Dua
Rock Bar
La Plancha, Seminyak

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcoming 2011

Since I have nothing to do in Tembagapura *sigh* I wanna share our New Year's Eve 2011 story! Sampe h-1, bahkan ampe magribnya pun kita tetep ngga punya plan. Mentok sih paling ke club ya, but it will be boh-ring ya ngga, masa kaya anak sma gt ya ga sih (-_-") kita pgn nyari yg agak extraordinary <:-d 00.00="" 1="" :----="" :d="" :p="" aja="" akhirnya="" apa="" are="" audy="" awesome="" ayu.="" banget="" baron="" baru="" bayangin="" beach="" belakang="" bersama="" dan="" dandi="" deket="" depan="" di="" div="" fireworks="" gee="" get="" gitu="" gue="" haha="" hamzah="" hihihi="" hour="" in="" ini="" it="" itu="" itungan="" jalan="" jam="" jauh="" ketawa2="" kita="" kok="" lumayan="" lupa="" masih="" menyenangkan="" mid="" mobil="" more="" msh="" namanya="" ngeliat="" ngga="" nian="" night="" nyaman="" nyampe2="" nyampe="" nyetir="" pantai="" pas="" perjalanan="" pertama="" photos="" pun="" rame="" sana="" sih="" siung="" sm="" so="" some="" tahun="" takes="" tanda="" tapi="" than="" the="" there.="" there="" these="" to="" took="" tp="" trs="" udh="" vierna="" we="" went="" ya="" yaya="">
i follow you until you love me, pa-pa, papparazi! (Audy n Me)

"Morning, Audy!" "Morning, Angels!" (Vier, Pinka, Ayu, Audy)

newly-wedd! (Pinka & Dandi)

makin' love! :P (Pinka & Audy)

Pinka y u no slim? T_T (Andrea, Audy, Gee, Vier, Pinka)

Nah bertepatan dgn itu, Audy's bday is on Jan 1st! Hihi, sampe jam 00.00 Audy udh ge er kali ye, kok gue belom dikasi surprise hehe, soalnya kan kalo ngasi pas jam segitu jelas udh ketebak. Akhirnya capek main di pantai, kita berenti di tempat makan! Laper, cyin! Nah di situ gue Ayu sm Yaya nyiapin cake, HAPPY BIRTHDAY OUR LOVELY AUDYFER <3 br="">
We love you so much baby! (Andrea, Pinka, Nian, Ayu, Gee, Audy, Vier)