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Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Vacation

i'm still on my fam vacation. the route is from Bangkok, to Hong Kong, and KL. now i'm sitting here, Coffee Bean KL International Airport. I bought a slice of blueberry cheesecake and a regular vanilla ice blended, just for using the wifi service :D
you should know that in Bangkok, the hotel have a free wifi but i wasn't in the mood for posting so, i'll share the pictures with you later ok. and the worst thingy is in Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong, there was no wifi service (ada sih tapi muahal, ih!)
for staying alive (baca : tetep smsan) in another countries my dad told me to activate international number for telkomsel (the name of the program is International Roaming), just registered via text message and voila! you can use your Indonesian number in another country. but wait a second, i almost cried to knew the cost! oh meen! 4500 rupiahs for one (1) short message! grr. i spent more than 300.000 rupiahs just for 6 days -__- omg. ah awkay my boyfriend sent me some pulsa (pls pardon my English, apa sih bhs inggrisnya pulsa?)
aaah, and for the food, Indonesia have the best foods i think (jadi keinget Yanuar pas di Dixie, dia ngomong ngga suka makanan int'l dia bilang, "NKRI harga mati!" wow, setuju Ian!)
i could accept the Thai food, esp. for Tom Yum (everyday! shit), and sometimes they gave us some int'l food (like pasta). but in HK, no no no many pork there hahaha but the tour guarantee for give us halal food :) but i don't like the food so my family choose for fast food (Burger King, McD, huh -__-).
but the most important thing is, haha i miss my boyfriend