Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Lunaversary!

Tadi pagi gue googling dikit ttg anniversary dan mensiversary. As we know, anniversary kan jelas utk merayakan yg tahunan seperti 1st Anniversary, itu setahunan, karena anniversary dari annual (tahunan). Sedangkan untuk yg bulanannya biasa disebut mensiversary, lebih jauh I found another word for mensiversary : LUNAVERSARY :D

"Lunaversary, a more common fake word for re-occuring monthly event"

Look at your calendar! Time flies so fast, another 25 is coming!!

Happy 1st lunaversary, Nadandi :-) still have a long looooong way to go. Thank you for being such a nice boyfriends for these 30 days. I love you more each day <3 br="">

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