Sunday, May 17, 2009


this morning i was reading many old messages from my latest boy friend aaargh okay it's been one year yea since the last messages, on friendster. sometimes i thought that he was not that mean yeaa i don't knowlah, he was all that thing i've thought i knew and i've thought we could be (my happy ending, avril lavigne) hehe ;p one thing that i couldn't erase from my mind that he was the man who've made me still struggle for walked through my crappy first year in this hell school. he made me learn many many things :') and he was the man who suggested me to take social class for my second year :) maybe someday we'll laugh together, remind our lil scarletta :') hell o silly! nice to know that we both enjoy our own life now :) i'm so sooorryyy for all stupid things i've made to you ;'( reach our your dream in police academy, okay? my pray still with you, silly :')
hmm, and yeaa, he said this thing to me :
"semakin gampang kita buat dapetin sesuatu, sesuatu itu juga mudah pergi dari kita. tapi semakin sulit buat kita dapetin sesuatu, semakin besar pengorbanan yg kita kasih maka bakal bertahan utk selamanya"
yeaa silly, maybe too little sacrifice that we've made :') haha.

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